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For the real Hip Hop Heads who grew up on Authentic / Gritty / Grimey NEW YORK CITY Hip Hop you know these 2 very well. From under that Boot Camp/ Duck Down movement representin’ lyrics  since they stepped on the scene making their debut on Black Moon’s Enter The Stage ( Salute to BM another group that represents Hip Hop ) but let’s chop it up with the dynamic duo Tek and Steele…..Google or YouTube all of their music to check their history. OFFICIAL …Smif-n-Wessun (aka Cocoa Brovaz) ..with a V…



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@MeccaGloBal Peace & Blessings Let the people know how everybody connected, the different groups and how everything  manifested under that umbrella.

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Tek:  The boot camp clik  consists of: BlackMoon,OGC, HeltahSkeltah & yours truly SMIF&WESSUN . Toppdog of OGC & my PNC Steele are brothers through blood but we all are brothers.


Steele: I Grew up in Brownsville Brooklyn Sethlow Projects. Rock,Louieville and Dj Logic also lived in Sethlow. Sean P lived up the block, Strang lived around the corner, I met Tek in Printing High School and I met Buckshot through his sister that I went to night school with. It pretty much unfolded the way Roc explains it on operation lockdown. Buck got signed then we came in and we brought Heltah Skeltah and they brought OGC. We each cultivated eachother at places like the doghillee, the house of reps, or the camp.


 @MeccaGloBal How do you feel as a black man watching what’s going on in our society right now across the board.

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Tek: It’s painful to see & hear  ignorance & fear to not form  together & do something about it, well at least try to.


Steele: As a Blackman I have many concerns but I am a father and my 1st concern is the safety and freedom of my sons. In reference to what has been going on with the police, I work to keep my sons informed on how to carry themselves in what I like to call the wilderness of North America. It’s a Jungle out here so we have to be prepared for anything. Then on a flipside there are many opportunities out here. If you apply yourself Know that as a Blackman the chips are stacked against us from the gate but that is no excuse to accept failure. What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.



@MeccaGloBal  What advice can you tell our youth particularly our young men  just in general regarding staying focused becoming a productive citizen and not following the crowds getting into trouble.

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Tek: Everything isn’t for everybody. Find yourself & GOD. Believe & invest in yourself.


Steele: Definitely what Tek said,  in addition you need to love yourself because you are a valuable asset to your family. Be creative be bold and assertive in the face of adversity. Don’t be discouraged by people or negative energy. Anything great takes time. Find your passion and fly.




 @MeccaGloBal  What’s the difference in our Hip Hop Culture here in the states vs. how they receive our music overseas.


Tek:  I think the difference is mostly or mainly they receive the music later than we do & they don’t really get it in a abundance like we do. But for the most part the LUV us there!


Steele: I agree with Tek. I also think that there is a desire to learn about the culture especially when you didn’t necessarily grow up in it. New York is the MECCA where it all started. I believe people overseas actually study the pioneers so they appreciate the culture as a whole. On the other hand on this side of the water it may be due to the necessity and or the desire to make money– that kind of desensitized many of us in regards to the culture. We live what we rap about for the most part so being of the culture you see it from the inside out so sometimes you don’t get to appreciate  it’s beauty within the ugliness.



@MeccaGloBal  What do you like better recording in the studio or performing in front of a live crowd and why ?


Tek: I LUV them both equally, because the creating process plays a major part in what you put forth  out there in the world and on stage. The studio is your  sanctuary  & blank canvas where u can kneel & pray & paint all-night if you feel. The stage is where u get 2 unveil  your masterpiece & your leaving the supporters with a piece of you to take home & cherish and remember look back on and play over and over again getting all warm and  special feelings inside, taking them back to that special moment  or wherever it be for them.



Steele: The process is amazing to say the least. You have to earn that right to get on that mic in the booth and onstage. You can only hope to make something great enough to make it to that stage. If you are able to do that then the stage becomes your reward for making it to the next level. Then if the people receive you then you become elevated. It’s a natural high.



 @MeccaGloBal What’s your most memorable moments in Hip Hop, and what’s missing in Hip Hop?


Tek:  My most memorable moments in HIPHOP is 2 numerous 2 mention, but the 1 that stands out right now is US SMIF&WESSUN reaching our 20th yr anniversary doing what  we love & the thing I see that’s  missing in HIPHOP is Unity & Loyalty.


Steele: One of the most memorable moments was working with Tupac and staying with him for a few days out in Cali. That was a spiritual experience. Another moment was being in the studio with the angel Aaliyah that was just insane. She  was truly a beautiful person. I felt we were blessed to be in the presence of these people.


@MeccaGloBal What producers & Artist would like you to work  with?




Steele: That’s a long list. I’m something like a weirdo so I love to be creative. There are so many talented people out here doing some really cool and innovative stuff. Shit Kanye just did a song with Paul McCartney that’s insane. There is no limit to creativity.


 @MeccaGloBal  Let your fans & supporters know what you are working on, what should they be on the lookout for? Give your fans all of your social media contacts so they can stay up to date.



Tek :  S&W & BCC project! This past year we dropped an EP titled BORN&RAISED an all HIPHOP/Jamaican entirely produced by BEATNICK & KSALAAM.  I don’t fuck wit FB AT ALL! I know  it’s one out there but it’s a fan page I have  nothing 2 do with it at all i go nowhere near it! U can  only catch me on social media out here in these streets or at our shows or on both twitter & IG @teksmokeelah Shout out to the beard gang  Shout out to you MeccaGloBal for the interview. Salaams.





Steele: Look out for a Re-issue of our 1st LP ‘Dah Shinin’. We are also working on a project with a live band. We got a project with 88Keys in the works. I have a Project with Hakim Green of Channel Live which is a spin off from a radio talk show that we do together on BEATMINERZ Radio entitled ILLEGAL Broadcaster. I have a company with Cynical Smith titled Bucktown USA ENT. We are a Multi Media Company and we have put out a few music projects, we have a interesting Roster of Artist and Producers that we work with. We also have done Music videos, Documentaries and Web Series called ‘For Colored Boys: Redemption with writer / director Stacey Muhammed. We  gonna stay working for as long as we can and try to always take it to the next level. Big up my BOOTCAMP Clik and my Decepticon family. Duck Down Salute Bucktown Salute!  Def shout out to you MeccaGlobal for the interview.  Fans can follow me on iG and Twitter @GeneralSteele SMIFNWESSUN Fan page  on facebook. DUCKDOWN.COM AND BUCKTOWNUSA.COM 




“Use your head for more than a hatrack!” – Sean Price 





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