I meet a lot of people in this business over the years, coming, and going, crossing paths with every type of person– this  industry  is very small regardless of what level you’re on. But regardless of what level you’re on, you always remember the handful  of genuine, kind, real people  who remain the same from the first day you met them. Still have the same focused, positive upbeat energy today. – CONSISTENTLY GRINDIN’, AND WORKIN’ HARD! Let’s chop it up with this talented Director making moves, someone’s hardwork who  i respect…..D I R E C T O R – MAZIO,….DIRECTED BY MAZIO...







@MECCAGLOBAL – Let the people know who you are, where you”re  originally from, And what it is you do!

Well, I’m known in the industry as Mazio or Mazi O., I don’t care how you spell it as long as the check clears, lol. I started in this industry a long time ago doing different things but I really took off when I picked up the video camera and started shooting music videos. That’s how my name began to circulate thru the industry.
 @MECCAGLOBAL – Which  do you like best shooting music videos or shooting movies?
I directed two movies, and honestly I prefer movies more just because there is always a different story being told, even from scene to scene, and there is always potential to be more creative than in the usual music video… plus movie budgets are way bigger, which means my cut is way bigger. I never seen a music video make a billion dollars.
@MECCAGLOBAL Let the people know which music videos or projects for artist you  did in case they don’t know,but i’m sure they are familiar with your work?
I shot a lot of videos with different artists but some of the more popular ones are Black Roses by Red Cafe, All About you by Raekwon and Estelle, Return of The Mac by French Montana, Moment for Life by Lil Cease, What Happened by Maino and Jadakiss, Man Down by Tony Moxberg and Jim Jones, The list goes on Iv’e worked with Redman, Joe, Jaz O., Lil Durk, Uncle Murda, Lil Kim, Chinx, Tone Trump, Dylan, etc. lol.
@MECCAGLOBAL LoL i already  know but just in case they don’t know HA!  Can you speak on that project you working on right now or is it to soon to let the cat out of the bag?
I have a comedy that I wrote, produced and directed starring Julito McCullum (from the Wire), Lowkey Mar, Lil Cease, CJ (Biggies son), Marc John Jefferies, Tyrone, Sophia Body, Jazzy Joyce, Babs, and a bunch of other people, it’s a GREAT cast, and the script is hilarious. It’s basically about these two roomates who get into trouble when someone gets killed in their apartment, so they spend the whole movie trying to figure out what to do. It’s called 99 Problems. But I also am shooting an incredible series,.. called Points. Trust me when I tell you it is going to be the biggest thing since Money & Violence or Empire, it’s a great black show.
 @MECCAGLOBAL  – What made you want to get into this business ?
I have an eye for composition, and I have a creative mind so I just remember hanging out with my boy Dylan from Making the Band and I was like, yo let me try to shoot a music video for you, and he let me do it. The feedback was just so positive that I knew this was my calling, and the more serious I took it, the better I got and the more I found my purpose within this ability. I love it, it’s not just a hustle for me, it’s my passion, it’s something that I would do for free because I love it that much.
@MECCAGLOBAL  Explain to these artist the importance of Visuals along with their work?
Visuals are important, very important because we live in an era where people want to SEE you just as much as they want to HEAR you. Sites like YouTube are doing hundreds of millions of views. Worldstar has people glued to their computer for hours a day, Netflix, etc. etc. I mean apple created FaceTime because we don’t just wanna listen we wanna see, it’s a much better and longer lasting experience. But you also need QUALITY visuals, and that’s where a lot of artists get it twisted. You can get away with that for a little while but you need quality you can’t keep going to your friend for the $50 discount on a video, you have to spend money if you want to look good.
@MECCAGLOBAL LOL facts.  What other directors work have you admired coming up from then to now?
As far as the music video directors, I like what Hype Williams was doing and his creative eye, I respect Benny Boom, I think Chris Robinson is really good with clean classy looks, and Colin Tiley is a fuckin beast. I think Mr. Boomtown, and Eif Rivera are great too just on their work ethic alone. Then of course I gotta show love to my peers like Picture Perfect, Scenario, Shatek, Puma, Taya Simmons, Mills Miller, even Jordan Tower. And then outside of that I love James Cameron he’s my top director, and then Ryan Coogler might be my second right now, and I always liked Spike Jonze he’s so creative.
@MECCAGLOBAL Speak on the importance of grinding from the ground up in case somebody thinks this happens over night  Talk to em!
I’ve been doing this for a long time now, and I’m STILL grinding to put in that work. Here’s my philosophy in two words about grinding and success; 10,000 hours. The theory is that it takes 10,000 hours at your craft to become an expert. That means consistent hours, not you worked 1 hour on Monday but you gonna take credit for 24hours of work. So until you put in 10,000 don’t be expecting to become number 1. And you can’t just SAY you put in the hours either, because your work will show. I look back at some of my old videos and be like damn what the hell was I thinking when I put that out… but I know what I was thinking, I thought I was the shit, lol. I realize now I wasn’t but thank God I wasn’t arrogant.
@MECCAGLOBAL Lol. It’s all good. Well you are A BEAST NOW. Who would you like to work with in this business moving forward?
Artists I’d like to work with, nobody really comes to mind. Maybe Rihanna because she seems like she would allow me to be really creative in the process. But I think I would really like to work with Leonardo DiCaprio he’s a dope actor to me.
@MECCAGLOBAL What’s your thoughts on  originality being a lost art, instead of trendsetting some are comfortable with carbon copies?
I could go on for days about this topic, it seems like it is the new trend to just copcat other peoples shit. I hate it, I come from an era where you had to do your own thing and not bite somebody elses shit. But these kids these days are confused they think it’s cool to copy another artists whole style.
@MECCAGLOBAL What’s your thoughts on our HipHop Genre in general?
In General as I was saying, Hip-Hop is just in a real wack place right now, it’s uninspiring, there are only a few MC’s that I even check for, but overall it has lost it’s true essence. Battle Rap is where the true hip-hop and lyricists exist right now, I love that shit.
@MECCAGLOBAL What don’t  you see in this business  that you would love to see more of?
I would love to see more focus on quality, and I would like to see more unity, and I definitely would like to see more positivity and less negativity. I just get turned off by all the hoe talk and drug talk, it’s just not cool to me, that’s why as a people we’re fucked up now because nonsense is being fed to our youth non-stop, I hate it. From TV shows, to music, to videos, it’s just detrimental to the positive development of young impressionable minds.
@MECCAGLOBAL  I agree Maz. What’s your definition of success?
Success is being happpy, and doing what you wanna do whenever you wanna do it. Success is being a role model, success is effecting the world in such a way that you create more leaders and role models.
@MECCAGLOBAL Give out your contacts so the people can contact you?
Hit me up @DirectedByMazio on everything, Instagram, twitter, vine, playstation, lol. everywhere I’m there and the website iswww.DirectedByMazio.com
 @MECCAGLOBAL Continued SUCCESS to you Mazi O. Any last words you want to leave with the people -across the board Rappers, Singers, Producers, To whoever in this business?
Shout out to you MeccaGloBal. Thanks for the interview. I see you too, continued success! My last words are just this, I recently jumped into a new field, the mobile app world, so do me a huge favor and go download SittinOnMusic App. 
-Mazi O. “I shoot people for a living.”

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— www.DirectedByMazio.com


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